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DACE Sprint vs Condo – How Are They Different?

Despite looking very similar on the surface, the two latest models of DACE sliding gate motors – the Condo and the Sprint – are quite different.

When the Solo was released in the mid-2010s, it represented a large step forward for DACE gate systems. But with the next generation just a couple of years later, we would change the game so drastically again with the introduction of the faster Sprint model.

The Condo has long been the standard for performance and reliability in sliding gates in Australia, and it continues to set the bar high for quality affordable gate motors in the industry.

So how exactly are the Sprint and Condo different?

Here’s a quick comparison:


DACE Sprint

DACE Condo

Ideal for

Domestic residential and farm property applications

Light commercial or high-usage residential applications

Compatible gates sizes

Up to 11 metres long

Up to 11 metres long

Weight of gate handled

Up to 500 kilograms

Up to 600 kilograms

Power kits

Available in electric and solar kits

Available in electric and solar kits

Standout features

· Made in South Africa

· One-touch programming

· Smart Logic board

· Can be run up to 50 metres from the power outlet

· Made in South Africa

· One-touch programming

· Steel drive cog reinforcement

· Suitable for light commercial applications


DACE Sprint

Also known as the Duraslide, The DACE Sprint is our latest innovation in sliding gates.

The Sprint operates at the industry-leading speed of 25m per minute. Adding to this is the large range of functions available like sensitivity adjustment, pedestrian and party modes and adjustable ramp down distance. All these features come in addition to other modern features like one-touch programming and auto-close functions.

Like the Condo, the Sprint is built in South Africa and designed for outstanding performance and durability.

Solar power upgrades are also available for the Sprint, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative for powering the unit.

DACE Condo

The DACE Condo has long been a popular choice for high use residential sliding gates in Australia, providing the high performance and durability that many Australian properties require.

Despite its rugged yet timeless design, the Condo is built with a host of modern features. This includes one-touch programming, auto-close features, and a variety of useful modes like pedestrian and multi-user modes.

Built in South Africa, the DACE Condo is designed to withstand harsh environments and rough conditions. Internally the Condo has a steel drive cog for the heavier lifting and a sealed control board to protect it from pests

Optional solar power upgrades are available for the Condo for those who want a more environment-friendly and cost-effective power option for the long run.

Need more information?

Whether you get the Sprint or the Condo, you can rest assured that you’re getting a sliding gate motor that’s at the top of its class.

If you need help deciding between the Condo and the Sprint, give us a call on 1300 335 633 or send us a message to get assistance from one of our product specialists. We’re more than happy to provide any information and recommendations you need so you end up with the right sliding gate motor for your property.