Solar Options Available

Solar Options Available

Duraswing Solar Power Upgrade

Upgrading your DACE automatic gate motor to solar power is a cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable way to power your automatic gate.

Like all of DACE’s products, all the elements of the solar power pack are high-quality, durable, and designed to last long into the future.

DACE solar upgrade kits allow the gate to operate as per normal with all features still available as the motor continues to be run from the battery with the solar panel charging the battery.  

  • One-touch programming
  • Bright LCD display screen
  • Sealed control board to protect against pests
  • Battery Operated
  • Safety beam integration capability
  • Available to be configured for solar
  • Auto-close and multi-user modes
  • Pedestrian mode
  • Strong and durable internal steel design
  • Simple installation
  • Manufactured in South Africa
  • In-built auto-close feature
  • No mains power required
  • Green and environmentally friendly 
  • Gate motor 
  • PC Board
  • 2 x Remote hand transmitter
  • 30 Watt solar panel
  • 5 Metres of cable
  • 12 Volt 12 amp hour battery

DACE Duraswing Owner's Manual