Solar Options Available

Solar Options Available



Support - Slide Motor Models

To open the lid off the motor you will need to use the key provided to unlock the flap at the bottom. Behind the flap you will see a a little metal bar hanging down, if you pull this bar towards you it will release the the lid.

To manual open the gate you will need to disengage gearbox. To do this you will need to open the flap at the bottom of the motor. Behind the flap you will see the gearbox dial, if you turn the dial clockwise the gearbox will disengage. If you hold onto the gate while you turn you will be able to feel the gearbox release. 

This means that the battery needs to be changed. These systems are a low voltage system meaning that they are powered from the battery, not battery back up. This means the battery will need to be changed every couple of years. If you have a solar system you may have to change batteries more frequently as solar power makes the batteries work harder. 

When the "Service Due" message is showing this means that the motor has completed a sufficient amount of cycles that it is time for the motor to be serviced, not unlike the service light in your car. This message can only be removed with a device carried by aurhorised DACE service technicians. For your nearest authorised technician please contact DACE Australia.

This means that the gate is obstructing. You need to check the track and ensure it is clear of debris. If it is doing it in the morning during winter then it could be temperature related and may just need you to increase the force setting on the board. 

This is generally caused by leaving the board in remote learn mode. First thing is to go through and delete all the codes stored on the board by leaving the jumper pin on TX-E for 10 seconds. You will then have to reprogram all remotes. When this is complete be sure to leave the jumper in a neutral position or off altogether. 

The Ultima Series is DACE's latest release motor series. The Ultima Series is a next Gen Smart Opener with additional functionality and increased speed. It is available in a Regular Traffic (RT) and High Traffic (HT) Model for residential applications.

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Yes we do. Although we are the Australian distributor we also sell direct to the public and ship Australia wide. We have showroom in our Brisbane head office or you can call one of our friendly staff for more information. 

Yes we can. We have shipped DACE motors to every state in Australia in the past and have a reliable logistics partnership that ensures quick and safe delivery.