Solar Options Available

Solar Options Available


DACE | EXO 4 Button Remote

The DACE EXO Gate remote is the next generation of logics for DACE. These remotes come standard in the new DACE Ultima range of gate motors.

These new remotes are not compatible with any previous non TriTek versions of DACE gate motors.

Full compatibility list below:

DACE EXO Black Remote

The EXO Black remote is the only compatible remote for the latest generation of DACE control systems called the Ultima series. The Ultima's where introduced into a Australia in 2020. 

DACE EXO Black Remote is compatible with the following Gate Openers:

  • DACE Ultima RT 25/50 (TriTek)
  • DACE Ultima HT 18/36 (TriTek)

DACE EXO Black Remote Not Compatible With the following Gate Openers

  • DACE Duraslide - Sprint and Condo (Duratronic)
  • DACE Duraswing (Duratronic)

DACE EXO Black Remote Not Compatible with the following Remotes

  • DACE TM04 Remote (Duratronic)
  • DACE EXO - Grey Remote (Duratronic)


  • 1 X Remote
  • 1 X Battery (23A)