Solar Options Available

Solar Options Available


DACE | WIPS Receiver 1Ch

The DACE Wips Long Range Receiver can be used to upgrade the range of your remotes with a potential line of sight range of 500 meters. It is also compatible with a range of garage door remotes so can be used to integrate your gate system with your garage door remotes.

External receivers are a great way to up the capacity of your garage door or gate remote as most onboard receivers usually are limited to between 10 and 20 remote spaces.


  • Universal remote receiver
  • Can learn up to 30 remote buttons
  • Typical 500 metre line of site range
  • 15mA standby current
  • Simple installation
  • Manufactured in South Africa


  • 1 x Wips receiver board
  • 1 x Plastic casing for board


Wips Instructions